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Welcome to Anal Advice

This website is designed to promote information about this often difficult to talk about topic.
It may be taboo, but studies show that it is on the rise.

As long as there is a difference in opinion about #Anal Sex, there is a place for this website.

What you won’t find here… This website is not about pornography or perversion. There are no graphically detailed videos and pictures of anal sex for you to download. There are lots of other sites for that. Just type in “anal sex” followed by “download”, and you will get a plethora of these. This is website is not about that, it is about giving you useful healthy practical information.

A lot of people never get past the porn. They just fantasize about anal sex, and it becomes a perverted obsession. It grows out of proportion with reality, and they end up hurting people. This website teaches you how to express your desires, and promotes the enjoyment of healthy anal sex.

This website will bring you the love, laughter, and lust of this wonderful practice. But above all,
this is a very practical website. We give you lots of ideas on how to really do things that work!

For some, it’s a power thing. Some like to dominate and express their power over people. Others love to be submissive, and take the pain. We over all of that.
For some it’s not about power at all. It’s about love and intimacy, and growing your experiences in life together. We love that. And we cover all of that too.
Some people love anal sex because it’s a taboo subject. People don’t talk about it, it’s naughty and shunned by society. But that’s what makes it more pleasurable and exciting when you do it.
Some people want to talk about it because it’s a taboo subject, and that’s what this place is for.

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The Retirement of Anal Advice

Sadly after this brief stint of posting all of this lovely information on Anal Advice, we have decided to draw this project to a close. The website will remain open for all those who seek it. And we may occasionally come out of retirement and add some posts. But the work has now reached its goal, and proven itself to be of great value.

From the beginning, the purpose has been for the authors to gain experience in this work. The effort has allowed us to exorcise some demons. And we will continue to use it as this. But we now need to focus more of our efforts on new endeavours.

We would have loved to continue, to add more of the content we still have available. For example, writing on Anal Bestiality, Anal Sex with bottles, and Embracing Hunky Men, just to name a few ideas. I’m sure this material needs to come out later, some time. But this work will be fewer and farther between.

We wish to thank all our Readers, Likers, and Commentors. You have been an amazing support. And we wish to meet again, in some other guise. Our work would not be where it is today without your guidance, and encouragement.

Thank you,

And Goodbye – for Now.


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The Difficult Health Issues

Anal Fissures are small cuts or ulcers in the Anus. These can happen from tears, during action. And they are no fun at all. So, as I always advise, play Anally with care. Otherwise, someone is going to tear. Anal Fissures can also come from poor health, and disease. Eat well and exercise well. Don’t have open, unprotected sex with too many people, otherwise you’re sure to catch something.

Bleeding is something else people worry about. But I had a very open-minded girlfriend once who, after a pretty wild Anal Sex session whispered to me that, when she went to do a poo, there was blood there. And she said it in a very sexually provocative way. She was saying to me that I was so good at the rough kind of sex that she linked, and wanted more.

Usually though, bleeding is a sign to stop, or go more easy on something. Because something has broken. It needs a rest, to heal, before it can do it’s job again. It’s not a signal to go all out thrusting for more pain.

Haemorrhoids can come from tears during Anal Sex. But they also happen to people who have never had Anal Sex before. From constipation and forcing out poo. And then the haemorrhoid never quite goes away, and occasionally flares up when poor health issues arise. Anal Sex is definitely a pain in the ass for people with haemorrhoids. Some surgery can be had to remove haemorrhoids. But, if the underlying issue is poor health, diet, exercise, etc… They are sure to come back. So a healthy life is recommended for healthy Anal Sex.

The whole area of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) is very frightening for most people. So, always have Safe Sex. Use a condom if you’re with someone you don’t know very well. Lick the Ass (Give Rimming) only if it’s a nice clean Ass.

Warts can be very scary too. Just look up the pictures for them on the internet. And they might put you off Anal Sex for life. But don’t be. The better thing to do is be more careful with who you play with, and how you do it. Enjoy it!

Anal Cancer is something that generally unrelated to Anal Sex, unless you use Anal Sex to it’s extremes. For example, Lung Cancer is generally not related to using your lungs for breathing, unless you include a good amount of smoke into your breathing. If you have Anal Sex, and do it sensibly without tearing your Anus every five minutes, you live within the boundaries of healthy Sex. And you have no greater chance of getting Cancer than anyone else. In any part of your body. Cancer comes to most of us anyway towards the end of our pretty lives. Lets just make these precious lives as beautiful as we can.

Anal Douching

To many, the idea of Anal Sex is disgusting, or dirty, because the Anus is where shit come out. So invariably, you’re going to get in touch with faeces. This conjures up fears of bacteria, and infections, etc.

The other end of the scale of this, of course, are those who really love the faeces. Those who are into scat. And there are many people who like that, I know.

This piece is about those who don’t really like to encounter too much poo during Anal Sex. The solution is to clean up before your liaison with Anal Pleasure. Externally, this can done with a cupped hand, soap and water. Or it can be a full blown shower of bath. But how about inside? How do you clean up the rectum so your partner’s insertion of a Cock or a Dildo isn’t going to come face to face with your excrement? Especially if he/she has a repugnant fear of this. That final withdrawal of a penis, after a satisfying ejaculation may become spoilt when he finds his penis covered in a big dollop of fresh smelly doo doo.

Here is where Anal Douching comes into play. In it’s most basic form, you can use something, I can only describe as, a smaller version of a turkey baster. These devices are easily found on the internet, if you search for Anal Douching. You suck some good clean water into it, insert it into your lovely anus, and squeeze out the water. Then you expel out the water and poo. Repeat until clean. And you’re ready for Anal Sex.

There are more sophisticated contraptions, that use gravity, and a pipe. These can be used by the more seasoned pro.

For me, I also like the good old fashioned way. I like to start off meetings with my girls at a hotel with a nice long shower. And include in that a good deal of soapy anal fingering. I get a feel of how she likes being poked up there. This is useful information, especially if she’s new to me. And Anal Sex usually goes swimmingly in bed soon after that.

Using Porn

The differing views we have on porn are many and varied. Porn most definitely has become more easily accessible with the internet. Guys who used to have to visit the top shelf of the news agent don’t need to do that anymore. There’s so much better stuff online. And dare I say if we’re better or worse for it.

Some vehemently say it is evil and bad for you. It’s psychologically damaging, and physically, it can give you erectile dysfunction. It perverts your brain into wanting more and more kinky types of sex that are further and further outside of the normal boundaries of social acceptance.

Others are more acceptable of porn. They say it’s great for encouraging sexual excitement. Watching porn and then doing it has given a great spice to their adult relationships. And there is no better way to wile away a quite evening with yourself, than with a bit of porn and a lot of self-pleasuring. For many, it is the act of fantasy that brings extreme satisfaction. And it’s all done in private, between consenting adults, so what could be the harm?

Then there are the middle-roaders. A little bit of going for it, full tilt. And a little standing back. Feeling guilty for their pleasures. For them, sometimes it’s OK, sometimes it’s not. It’s all about timing. Appropriateness, knowing when to express your most devious self, and when not to. This wisdom could be the difference between, a good night in, and a jail sentence. Know when to overstep the mark. And know when not to.

A study said that the increasing use of Anal sex between couples was due to the increasing presence of it in pornography, pictures and videos.

A lot of people appear to be in this third category. The ‘Sometimes’ category. Because if it ruled our lives completely, we’d be lost. And if we never had a bit of spice in our lives, it would be boring. It can be abhorrent, but it is ubiquitous, and for good reason. There’s a great demand for it. Demand is a kind of love for something, or love in the sense of the word meaning ‘liking a lot’. Some might say that is not love at all. But anyway, there is definitely a lot of ‘liking a lot’ when it comes to porn. And Anal Porn at that.

Rectum Wrecking

Rectum Wrecking may sound like great fun. But it really isn’t at all! On the giving end, it can only worsen your psychology about this practice. And if you are doing this in a relationship, it’s a sure way to make sure you get less opportunities in the future for getting good Anal Sex. And no doubt to say, it’s definitely no fun on the receiving end. Aside from the physical trauma, there’s the emotional embarrassment. Imagine having to explain yourself to the doctor, or have surgery?

Here’s an extract of a conversation from a woman about wrecking. It really strikes at the fear of this practice.

“I have a gay hairdresser, and once he was away from work for a long time. I asked a co-worker where he was and she said he was in the hospital, for a torn colon!”

So my advice is, REALLY do this Anal Sex stuff in a controlled way. Please don’t go wrecking your partner. If you love giving, and don’t receive, at least imagine what it would be like to receive. This will remind you to do it in a caring way.

German Lesbian Trio

Christine and Alexandra were young German Lesbian lovers. They had met recently whilst working at an expensive big hotel. They had studied Hotel Management, and were both doing work-placements that would give them the experience of working in all the different parts of the hotel. It was a very good way for young people to get into the industry. They both loved their line of work. It was great for learning new experiences, and meeting new people. They lived in a building that was specially rented out to employees of the hotel. And it was very convenient for their relationship, because they could stay in each other’s rooms very easily.

Christine and Alexandra were both very attractive young German girls. Christine had very white skin and blonde hair. Alexandra was a bit darker skinned, but still white, and she had dark brown hair. Both being in their early twenties, they enjoyed life. After work, when the shift would end in the early hours of the morning, they would go out for drinks. Sometimes with friends or colleagues. Sometimes just with each other. The city they lived in was not one of the big major cities in Germany. But it was big enough to have thriving business travellers, and this is what the hotel industry in this area depended mostly on. And like most great cities in Germany, the bars never slept. Or when some would close, others would open. So there were always excellent places to go, whatever time they got off work.

Christine had been in lots of ‘quicky’ relationships. Both with guys and girls. She was very open-minded. And had made love to most of the guys in the Accommodation building they lived in. She was well known for getting in bed with any new guy. It wasn’t so well known until recently, that she was actually more into girls. And then came a great many confessions, from girls in her flat, that actually they too had sex with Christine once.

Despite all these conquests, Christine was never really regarded as a slut. Mainly because she was such a stunning looking young girl.

For a few months now, Christine had been going steady in a relationship with Alexandra. This too was mostly due to Alexandra being so damned pretty. Alexandra had not been around the houses as much as Christine. She was fresher, and liked being a pure lesbian. She knew that she was only attracted to girls from a very young age. And liked to keep it that way. She had never had a boyfriend before. Only girls.

When they worked, they had to work hard. And they took it seriously. But when the work was done. They played hard too. They drank hard. And fucked hard. Most days were full of these extremes. Sometimes it was so tiring, that they would want a complete break. And they would do nothing what so ever. Just to remember what that felt like. And these sessions of peace would last about a day or so. They were good. Because it helped them to appreciate what they had. Soon after though, they would be hard at it again.

They loved to kiss, naked, their tongues wrestling with each other. Their arms and legs all over each other. They loved to start their sessions with a shower together. And their flatmates, who shared the showers, would all known what they were up to, and listen in.

Christine and Alexandra loved to put their tongues into each other’s vaginas, lick each other’s clitorises, and rim each other’s anuses. They loved to do 69. They took it in turns to be more active on the other, whilst the other would just enjoy being spoilt. They would cum for hours, and everyone could hear the noises they made. They were so loud with their sexual groans and gasps.

One day, when they were making love, and just trying new positions. Their room door opened. Alexandra was shocked. She was surprised that the door had been left unlocked. Christine quickly calmed her down. Saying she had left it open for a little surprise. And it was an extremely beautiful surprise, as Jessica walked in. Jessica was a new friend Christine had met recently. She was a bit older, in her late twenties. She wore high-heeled knee-length leather boots. Something Alexandra couldn’t take her eyes off. They made such a dominating thump on the floor as Jessica walked across the room towards them. “Was ist das?” She exclaimed, in a very loud demanding, but horny tone. The two girls, naked, looked back at her for a while. Then Christine, without a word, carried on kissing Alexandra. And Alexandra kissed Christine back. And they both tongued each other whilst looking back at Jessica, as though they were showing her the answer to her question. This turned Jessica on, to see such open lesbianism. And she started to become a bit moist in her knickers.

Jessica was more of a dominant figure. She liked bossing these little young girls around, and she immediately starting rummaging around in her bag. Then she found what she was looking for. A strap-on, with a nice thick and long black dildo. The other two girls gasped a little at the thought of who was going to get this punishment. Jessica knew it was not a question of “who?” But “Who first?”, because she was going to make sure they both had a good turn.

Jessica already knew Christine quite well, so she now made it her aim to get to know Alexandra better. Without any hesitation, Jessica starter to beckon Alexandra over to her, and suggested that she try on her dildo strap. Alexandra had never done this before. But was feeling so sexy and high, she just nodded, as Jessica expertly rigged her into her new attire. She thought this strap-on felt a bit weird at first. But when she adjusted it, it felt more comfortable. It was better, now that the inner end of the penis base was able to rub against her clitoris.

Christine was very exited by this and stroked Alexandra’s new Piece gently. Then Jessica commanded that Alexandra use her dildo to start shafting Christine. Christine loved this idea, and immediate turned around, to make her bottom face Alexandra. She starter to put the dry shaft into Christine blonde pussy. But then Jessica interrupted, by putting her hand on Alexandra’s penis. “Nein!” Jessica shouted, “Das Arschloch!” she ordered Alexandra to go inside Chrstine’s blonde Asshole. Jessica frantically fingered Christine’s pussy, to get her tasty vaginal juices, and smear it on the shaft. Christine protested a bit. But Jessica was going to make sure she was obeyed. Jessica added some more lubrication, she put some of her spit on her hand, and then stroked it onto Alexandra’s cock. She grabbed Christine by the waist with one arm, and Alexandra’s Cock with the other hand. Jessica then proceeded to put the strapped-on-Cock into Christine’s Anus. She protested that it was too big, but she continued to try, and squeeze it in. They worked hard. When the two girls were getting the hang of it, Jess let them continue under their own momentum. She just had to gently prod Alexandra’s bottom occasionally, when it looked like she wasn’t making enough effort to shaft Christine with enough pain and indignity.

Christine was enjoying it, the deep shaft was getting to a nice spot deep within her body, behind her vagina. And it was delicious. She felt waves of orgasms, light and strong, as Alexandra pumped her, with such expertise. It didn’t seem like Alexandra was a new-hand to this at all.

Jessica, then commanded Alexandra to speed up a bit. Christine was floating on a cloud of sexual emotions and getting too relaxed for her liking.

Alexandra followed her mistresses instructions, and started pumping Christine’s Anus with faster movements. Christine jerked her head back, from the sudden and rude arousal. Eyes wide open, she gave screams and groans. And then Jessica pulled her hair back towards Alexandra. She made Alexandra hold on to Christine’s long blonde hair, and jerk her head, while she was wildly fucking her Asshole. Jessica loved this, it was like watching a horse rider, getting the best out of her horse.

This continued for quite a long time. Until all parties decided it was time for a little break. Jessica sat down for a cigarette. She loved to smoke. But the other two girls didn’t, so they opened the window. And politely asked Jessica to exhale her smoke out through it. Jessica didn’t like taking orders, but she felt, this time it was OK. As she was leaning out of the window, Christine and Alexandra observed how cute Jessica’s bottom was. Some thoughts of anal penetration crossed both of their minds. But they didn’t dare to suggested it, as they knew Jessica always wanted to be the one giving the orders.

Jessica soon decided the break was over. When she’d finished her cigarette. And demanded her two girls get back to work. But this time, Jessica wanted them to switch roles. She took the strap off Alexandra, and put it on Christine. It was still wet from Christine’s pussy juices. But Jessica liked to put on a little more of her saliva. She then told Christine to lay on her back, with the fake Penis pointing up in the air. Alexandra was going to sit on top, and ride it cowgirl style.

Gingerly, Alexandra lowered her body on to the top of Christine’s Cock, and as it touched the Rim of her Anus she felt a tinge of excitement from her sensitive Anal nerve endings. She went ever slower, lowering herself, stretching her Anus, letting the Cock into her Ass. Groaning and panting all the way, as she took the length and girth. Lower and lower she sat. Jessica supervised this all the way down, and was impressed at how she took it. Now she wanted more action. And she made both of the girls move their hips in tandem, back and forth towards each other. Rocking gently, feeling the Cock inside the Ass. And as they became more comfortable with this. Christine started to pump harder and harder. Jessica started to finger her own clitoris, as this was all getting very hot.

Jessica found that she liked the feeling of the whole length of the Penis going in and out of her Ass. Pushing it all the way in, deep inside her body, until she was virtually all sitting on Christine. And then withdrawing it, almost until the tip was about to come out. And then pushing it back in again. She loved being able to control this movement, from being on top. And the other two girls just loved watching her move back and forth, in and out. Her groans got louder and louder, until they were grunts. And she was getting exhausted from the Ass stretching she was receiving. But she loved it. After a few orgasms, Jessica couldn’t take it anymore, and order her girls to stop.

It was time for another cigarette break, out of the window. With her Ass facing the other two girls. It was tempting. Very tempting. To just grab her from behind when she wasn’t looking, and insert the Dildo into her Ass. They wanted to do that, so much! But they didn’t dare to.

After this, Jessica decided to leave. She felt she had enough. She packed her Strap-on dildo, and said “Tsch├╝ss!” to her two little conquests. They promised to meet again soon. And they did. A few times. But the trio was short lived, as these things often are. They soon found different partners, got into group sex with different people. But they always remembered their addiction to Anal Sex, that was the most important part. They all continued to love it.


Many people, men and women, have tried Anal Sex before. Some include it in their marriage. Some came to it by their marriage partners. However which way you have linked this to your marriage is your great thing. To every coin, there are two sides, though. Some have incorporated┬á it into their married lives, and some haven’t. And it’s the same coin.

A wife who regularly accepts a good amount of deep penetration from her husband. And a husband who regularly gets a finger or two, or a bit of pegging, from his wife is a god-send.

Some people choose to keep it on their dark side though, and I applaud that too. This is about having a good wife, with whom you do “normal” respectable things, “Oh, not Anal.” And with some others, in some secret hour, you fantasize, and make real-life opportunities to actively pleasure your dark side. The side of you that loves to sodomize, because it’s so naughty. You love it, because you don’t speak about it. You just do it.

And it’s all part of the same boat to me. People live and love in different ways. Ways we cannot summarize in a book. Or we can be so complex, we cannot be understood if we wrote it all down in tombs of books. Who’s to say what we can do. And we do it all.

Growing Popularity

Anal sex didn’t used to be so openly talked about in the media. But we are very lucky! Now, in this day and age, it’s opening up. Attitudes are broadening and it is no longer viewed on as a realm just for gay people. It is for all people, of all walks of life.

Being more openly talked about in the media helps to spread the word and aspire people to do the practice more. And then it spirals, as it’s written and talked about more.

Anal sex is more prevalent in pornography now, more than ever before. And this feeds the fantasies of everyone who uses this porn. And this helps to create a desire to do it in real life. To explore a litter further beyond, because it’s exciting!

As a result of this increase in demand, more and more Escorts are now offering anal sex. This is very easily verified by looking in the services sections of Escort agency websites.

Surprisingly, getting older also lends itself to becoming more open minded. The older you get at sex, the more kinkier you tend to get. Because, just like taste-buds require more stimulus, the sex drive requires more too. It’s paradoxical, that when you’re young and full of sexual energy, your lust is often not so broad and open. But when you become older, your field of vision becomes wider, when it comes to what you are willing to accept and tolerate. And that often comes with some bonuses.

Anal sex is of course still very Taboo. So I wouldn’t brand it about on your Facebook page. We’d still feel shameful about it, if our friends knew about it. But we know, that’s also the draw of it. Because it’s hidden, a little private secret, that no-one can mention. That’s what makes it naughty, a little dark, and so beautiful.

The little tug-of-war we have in our mind, between Good and Bad, is played out. And it feeds our fantasy. This is something we can have, only our own little world. But oh, it’s so bad. But yet so damned pleasurable!

About Incest

Incest is a cultural taboo. In its most widely understood nature, it applies to sexual behaviour between people who share a family. There are various interpretations, and differing degrees of severity. Differing nuances on the theme are practiced by selected cultures and societies. Cultures vary more when the relationship gets further away. For example, sex between cousins and step-siblings are prohibited to some, but well accepted in others.

The most common theory behind the argument against incest is inbreeding. The medical belief that genetic diseases are more likely to pass down to children if parents are from the same family. But this does not hold true, as many laws and beliefs surround incest also extend to step siblings with no blood relations. This is also true when you see that most of these unwritten laws also extend to non-procreative sex, or recreational sex.

This is where the Anal Sex part comes in. Anal Sex falls into this latter category. It’s great fun. And doesn’t involve making children. It can be enjoyed by all. And if between willing, consenting, adult, close relatives, … Why not? Physically and mentally, it may be a challenge for people. But if you can overcome the taboos in your mind, and the minds of others, there may be great opportunities to expand our horizons here. In practice, it may be hard to get. There are only a few in your household to choose from, compared to all that is out there in the big wide world.

But depending on your situation, if you live on a sparsely populated island, with few to choose from, a family member may become quite tempting.

Plus, there is the closeness of growing up together. It gives ample close proximity when develop your sexuality, and play together. It can create lots of opportunities for sexual development in this way.

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